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Corporate Policies

  • From the outset, we apply our lifecycle knowledge to integrate safety, constructability, operations and maintenance, and other important elements into each project. As a result, we increase efficiency, improve speed to market, resolve stakeholder concerns, streamline complex project delivery issues, successfully implement first-generation technologies, maximize scope within cost constraints, and create lasting value for your enterprise.

    We have always worked in the best interests of our Clients. Quality, Health, Safety, and Habitable Environment are always our top priorities, and experience has taught us that adhering to these important standards ensures profitability and success in the long run.


Quality Control Policy

  • Bawa Equipment Nigeria Limited will continually strive to apply leading edge technology to ail our Equipment, whilst exercising cost effective practices. In order to sustain these corporate objectives, Operates in accordance with ISO 9001 to ensure that all of her staffs are properly trained in order to add value and quality to. The Operation of the company's controlled standards, processes and Procedures.

    To this end, inspection aides shall be employed as necessary to ensure Q. A. requirements are Adhered to Nondestructive test (N .D. T) Techniques shall also be employed.


Health Policy

  • Work may result in occupational illness. Health hazards are therefore recognized early, monitored and controlled. Bawa Equipment Nigeria Limited maintains a retainership scheme with medical Professionals and Government approved hospitals within its area of operations to supplement first aid treatment as well as render medical services to staff.

    As the great philosophical slogan puts it, "HEALTH IS WEALTH"


Safety Policy

  • Bawa Equipment Nigeria Limited has a safety philosophy that accords priority to the health arid welfare of its staff. The installation and protection of company assets, and how it affects the environment is of very serious primary concern.

    1. We organize accident preventive programs measures for staff.
    2. We comply with applicable national and international safety regulations.


Environmental Policy

  • Bawa Equipment Nigeria Limited demonstrates social responsibility by taking initiatives that
    address the social and environmental needs of communities where she operates. Acting as a Responsible company include Encouraging and identifying environmentally friendly area for work. The smoking of pipes or cigarette is and shall remain prohibited at all work sites and Bawa Equipment Nigeria limited offices.

    Contributing, monetary and professional expertise to charity.
    Indigenes recognition and development for onward employment in the nearest future.


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