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Our Team

  • Our highly-trained employees are Industrial and Equipment professionals who are ready to offer solutions to all your construction, dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil and gas). Requirements from every point of view, as far as industrial and heavy equipment are concerned. Our continuous-training programs ensure you'll get up-to-date, expert, and reliable advice on all your industrial and heavy equipment practices.

    We also offer services and repairs for most major manufacturers. Our professionals also have the experience and motivation to help you find the solution to whatever your need may be. Whether you are searching for the right product for the job (large or small), trying to revamp your inventory system, or need training on how to work on any equipment, our equipment experts are readily available to assist you.

    Additionally, our team has developed a highly defined talent for developing and maintaining a positive rapport with clients while expediting projects toward completion in a timely and cost effective manner.

    CORPORATE GOVERNANCE We have a standard structure that regulates the affairs of the Company. This Structure will help drive the business in a professional manner; institute and enforce Controls, Procedures and SystefllS. To ensure that the business is run properly, we have an effective Board of Directors, a management committee, a finance committee and an exco/project committee.

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board is responsible for setting overall strategic direction for the Company. The Board is highly instrumental in establishing the company's mission, strategic goals and the supporting operating and financial policies. Major institutional and individual investors, if any, would be invited to join the board of the Company.

    EXCO/FINANCE COMMITTEE: The Exeo/finance committee's function includes reviewing the company's operations and operating results and making recommendation to the Board. The Committee ensures the optimal utilization of funds. They carry out special duties as directed by the Board.

    MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: The management committee reviews the day-to-day affairs of the company with a view to making and implementing recommendations that will optimize operations. The Board sets the composition and frequency of meetings.

    PROJECT COMMITTEE: The project committee maintains oversight over the project and also acts as overall project managers Membership includes our local and foreign partners.


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